Here's the results my clients have gotten working with me:

Generated cold leads for $0.26 for Sourdough Schoolhouse and helped them maintain a 20X return for the past 9 months (yes, that's including cold ad spend!).

Generated CapriCMW X+ purchases on off-road vehicle insurance, and X purchases of firearms insurance.

Grew the TONIT app by 165,000+ new users, with an average cost per install of CAD $1.73.

Cut cost per lead for Perfit Dental by a tenth of the cost. They had to hire a new salesperson not long after to keep up with demand.

Cut lead costs from X to X for Creatively Owned's launch of her marketing program.

Cut user acquisition costs in half for GetintheLoop while also expanding to 60+ new cities across Canada.

Next Level Construction booked their client list solid – and even landed a massive $70k+ project mainly because the client liked what they were doing with their ads.

Cut lead costs from X to X for a webinar launch for Rising Into Resilience.

Somatic Senses grew to Canada's largest provider of certified educational resources for their industry and achieved a return of XX.

Launched The Good Neighbour app in several cities across Canada with an average cost per install of $x.

Maintained a ROAS of X for Homeworks, Etc. while putting in place a new strategy for their advertising.  

Cut lead costs from X to X for Ali Daniel for the launch of her signature coaching program.

Traci had profitable ads for the first time in years just from 1 consult call.

Not to mention the other benefits my clients love:

"what peace of mind knowing I could run my launch without even having to think about my ads!"

Want results like these?

Click here to work with me.

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