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Advertising Management

Working with me is the quickest way to highly profitable and effective advertising. I fast-track your results since you get to tap into my 10 years of advertising experience.

My clients also get a more personalized experience than they would get at a large agency that may use cookie-cutter strategies or hire junior marketers to run ad accounts.

If you're looking to completely outsource your paid advertising management, my services are a great fit for you.

I offer full-service ads management including:

  • strategy development: this includes who we will target and with which messaging and creatives, and with what types of campaigns and how much budget for each.
  • ad creation: video editing and graphic design of media and all ad copywriting,
  • Ads Manager set up: this includes setting up your pixel and tracking, and then creating and configuring all campaigns, ad sets, and ads.
  • ongoing monitoring: keeping an eye on ads and making adjustments when necessary to make sure that performance is optimized.
  • weekly reporting: you'll receive an update every Monday with the data that matters to you and letting you know what our upcoming tests are for the week.
  • split-testing and optimization: What works today might not work tomorrow. We're always testing and staying on top of trends so that your ads never go stale.

Not only do you get the most out of your budget when you have an expert running your ads, but my clients frequently tell me how much peace of mind it gives them knowing that their ads are off their plate and being managed by a professional they trust.

My monthly retainer starts at $3,000 per month. Please click here to apply to work together.

"People are always asking me what marketing I have found the most effective, its pretty easy for me to say Loop Digital is the biggest factor of my business success. I really believe in your product." - David Theissen, The Good Neighbour

"I am beyond impressed with you and your team. Your skill level is off the chart!" -Yves C, Bark Industry

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