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Get Specific With Your Facebook Ad Messaging

The more specific you are with your messaging, the more likely your audience is to click and take action. Watch to hear a few examples of how this works.


When you're planning out your messaging for your Facebook ads, it's important to get as specific as possible on the benefit and the outcome that the audience will receive when they take your offer.

So for example, there's a company called Glossier that sells makeup and they run a lot of Facebook ads because they sell primarily online and I never see ads from them for their brand as a whole or anything. I always see ads specifically for a specific product and the outcome that that gets.

So for example, their brow product talks about having thicker natural looking brows. So what they're selling is something that someone can tangibly envision themselves having when they buy that product. They're selling the outcome or the benefit of it. If Glossier just ran ads to their online stores saying, "Hey, we sell great makeup. Come and do some shopping." then what they're doing is they're putting all of the work to be done by the user or the audience. The audience has to see that ad, decide that they would maybe like to have nicer brows, click through, go find a nice brow product, pick it out and then buy it.

Most people just aren't going to put the work in. So what happens is when you create more work for your user, you're going to lower your conversion rate, inevitably.

It's kind of like how Lego puts their product into kits. So instead of selling just a box of bricks, they're selling you a pirate ship or a dinosaur or a haunted house or whatever it is. So they're selling something that a kid can look at and can really tangibly imagine themselves playing with.

As an example of this, if you are, say a web design agency, don't just run ads saying, "Hey, we're a really highly rated, highly reviewed boutique web design agency in your city," or however you would position the ad.

Instead, target your ads specifically to an audience and get specific with your messaging for that audience. So, for example, if you're targeting nonprofits and you're saying, "Hey, we make websites for nonprofits that really boost their credibility and help them get X percent more donations." That is something that that specific audience is going to see that ad, and they're going to be able to really imagine themselves having that benefit, and it's going to be a lot more likely for them to click.

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About Leah Mazur

Leah has worked in digital marketing for 9 years. She consults for clients on digital advertising and teaches marketing workshops across Canada.
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