Video, Facebook Ads

Ways To Use the "Narrow Audience" Feature In Ads

The “narrow audience” option in your targeting can be used to create super niche targeting. Here’s one creative way to use it, especially if you’re a content creator. Transcript:Here's a fun idea for you, if you are creating content or products in an industry that's really saturated.

Video, Facebook Ads

Should You Use the "Boost Post" Button?

The “Boost” button on Facebook will help you promote your organic content, but it’s not the same thing as advertising through Ads Manager. Watch to learn the difference and whether or not its a good idea to boost your posts. Transcript:If you have a Facebook business page or

Video, Facebook Ads

How Facebook's Ad Policy Works

What is and isn't allowed in your ads? Facebook wants to provide a positive experience for their users on the platform, so they have policies around what your ad can include. Transcript:Today, I want to talk about Facebook's ad policy. These are the rules that Facebook has put in

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