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Ways To Use the "Narrow Audience" Feature In Ads

The “narrow audience” option in your targeting can be used to create super niche targeting. Here’s one creative way to use it, especially if you’re a content creator.


Here's a fun idea for you, if you are creating content or products in an industry that's really saturated. Say, for example, you're a yoga teacher and you create yoga classes that people can take online, whether free or paid. And you want to find a way to make your content stand out because there's so much yoga content already for free on YouTube. There's lots of paid training. How can you make your content any different? One way you can do this is by picking a specific niche to pair it with and creating content for that. So for example, you could create yoga for golfers or yoga for swimmers or yoga for people who sit in an office all day or all of those. And then when you're marketing this, you just target your ads towards people that are interested in both yoga and then click the narrow audience and select must also be interested in golfing or swimming or whatever that second interest is.

So when you do this, you're targeting it to a very niche audience. Someone who's interested in both X and Y. So both yoga and golf. And when you create that really specific audience, you create ads and products that almost feel like it was made for that person. When they see that ad, it really resonates with them because it's two interests put together, two things that they like put together into one product, and it's going to be so much more likely to stand out from all the other content out there. Another example of this is if you're a hairstyle blogger and you create something that's like hairstyles inspired by Game of Thrones. Or this works in business too. I saw recently a blog post someone shared of business lessons that they learned from surfing. So you could target that towards people interested in business and surfing. And what you're doing there is you're also creating a secondary connection with the audience. So this is a fun thing to get creative with and play around with. How you can use Facebook's very specific targeting to take advantage of that and get specific with your products and your content as well.

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About Leah Mazur

Leah has worked in digital marketing for 9 years. She consults for clients on digital advertising and teaches marketing workshops across Canada.
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