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How To Use Lead Generation Forms In Facebook Advertising

Facebook’s built-in lead generation forms are an amazing tool to get leads cheaply and easily. Here’s how this type of campaign works and some tips for using it.


If you're running ads on Facebook or Instagram to grow your newsletter list or collect leads for your business, I highly recommend testing out the Lead Generation Objective. So this campaign type, instead of sending people to your website when they click on an ad, it will send them to a form directly in Facebook that they can then fill out and submit to give you their information. So, because it's right in Facebook, it loads in a split second, super quick. And it also, the form is also pre-populated from that user's Facebook information. So their name, phone number, email address, whatever information that you're requesting can often be pre-populated if Facebook already has that information from them. So what this means is the user literally just clicks your ad. They see the form information is already there, they don't have to fill it out, and then they click submit and you get sent that information.

So the only thing you want to be careful with here is because it's so easy for people to sign up or opt-in, you want to make sure that you're actually getting quality leads. Some ways that you can do this are to make sure that your targeting is really on point and you're targeting the people that you want to. So I would go with less broad audiences, more specific. Another thing is to make sure that your message is really on point, and you're very clear with what you're asking for, because if it's kind of fuzzy, people might think they're signing up for something else. So making sure that your messaging is really clear, can help to make sure that you're qualifying those leads in advance. Another thing that you can do is Facebook has an option to add an extra step in the submission process. So instead of submitting their information right away, you can add a review step in. So they click the ad, they see the form, they click next, they review their information and then they submit it. And that can just help add an extra check in the process to make sure that people really want to submit that information to you.

Another thing that you'll need, if you're using lead generation objective is some sort of third-party tool to get your leads out of Facebook and into whatever email system you're using. So I recommend Zapier. This is what I use for all of my clients, and it integrates with Facebook and it just pulls those leads automatically into MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Pipedrive, whatever my clients are using. It pulls them automatically from Facebook into that system. And it's really smooth. So you do have to pay for that integration with Zapier. I believe it is $20 a month. The other option is you can manually pull your leads out of Facebook. So you can just once a week go in and get those leads out and put them into your email service. However, that's obviously a lot more work and I don't recommend it, especially if you're going to be collecting a lot of leads.

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