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Reasons To Build A Good Foundation For Advertising

I love the story I share in this video because it's the perfect example of business and ads done right. Ads won't sell a poor product, and they won't fix underlying issues in your business. Developing a good foundation for your business and integrating your ads into a larger marketing strategy is the only way to have lasting success.


Today I want to share a story about a woman I worked with a couple of years ago who had been growing her business organically for a few years, and she'd been making a few thousand dollars in monthly revenue. Once we launched her ads, she went to making over $50,000 in monthly revenue with less than a $10,000 ad spend.

So these results are not typical, but I want to share what she had in place that I believe made it possible for her. She was targeting an audience that has a lot of disposable income. Her product was priced at a point that was a really easy impulse buy. And also, her product was niche enough that it was interesting and unique and there wasn't a lot of competition, but it still was broad enough to appeal to a large audience of people.

The fact that she'd been growing her audiences for so long, she had a large amount of Facebook followers, Instagram followers, she had an email list and a lot of website visitors, and all of that really contributes to more success on Facebook because we've got warm audiences that we can target. And then we can also use those to create look-alike audiences and find new cold audiences to reach out to.

The sale to those cold audiences is also a lot easier because she has established accounts on social media. So those people who are just hearing about her for the first time and considering to buy her product, they can go to her social media accounts and see that she's built up credibility, she's got a large following. They can scroll through her content and see everything she's shared, get to know her a little bit. It just makes her feel a lot more authentic and real because she's been building up her audiences for so long.

So a good foundation in your business is really critical to having good success on Facebook advertising, and it's one of the things that I look for if I'm signing on a new client and deciding whether or not I think I can help them. If you've got a really good established foundation for your business, you've had some success organically, that is really going to help you a lot in your Facebook advertising.

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About Leah Mazur

Leah has worked in digital marketing for 9 years. She consults for clients on digital advertising and teaches marketing workshops across Canada.
  • Montreal, Canada
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