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How To Use Broad Targeting In Your Advertising Campaigns

People often think that more targeted ads perform better, but there are lots of times where a campaign that uses broad targeting is a better idea. Here’s what broad targeting is and why you should try it out.


In Facebook advertising, we use the term “Broad Audience” to refer to an audience we're targeting using Facebook's core demographic options. So those are age, gender, and location. An example of this type of audience is women in their thirties in New York or men aged 50 plus in Canada. Facebook's AI has gotten so good that you can use broad targeting and still have pretty good results with your advertising. Especially if you're in an industry that appeals to a wide range of people like a restaurant or a dentist. I also recommend broad targeting, if you're targeting a specific location with a population of less than about 300,000 people, because you don't want to narrow your audience too much and then risk oversaturating that audience with your ads.

Another tip for broad targeting is to make sure that the messaging in your ads is really fine-tuned to attract your target audience. So one way you can do this is to make it very clear on your ad, what the ad is for and who it's for and who you're speaking to. This will really help Facebook's AI optimize on their end, because as people engage with your ad, Facebook learns what types of users are engaging with your ad, what types of users are clicking on it. And they're going to seek out more of those types of users. So the better that your ad attracts the right person, the more Facebook is going to be able to go out and find more of those people for you.

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About Leah Mazur

Leah has worked in digital marketing for 9 years. She consults for clients on digital advertising and teaches marketing workshops across Canada.
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