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Should You Use the "Boost Post" Button?

The “Boost” button on Facebook will help you promote your organic content, but it’s not the same thing as advertising through Ads Manager. Watch to learn the difference and whether or not its a good idea to boost your posts.


If you have a Facebook business page or an Instagram business profile, you might've noticed that sometimes after you publish a post, Facebook will encourage you to hit the boost post button and to spend money to turn it into an ad and show it to more people. So this is different than what I do as a Facebook advertiser, which is running ads through Facebook's ads manager platform, which is a system that's a lot more complex and advanced than just boosting posts.

When you create a boosted post, you're essentially creating a simplified version of what we would call an engagement campaign in ads manager. And this type of campaign shows your ad to people that the algorithm thinks are likely to like and comment and share, and otherwise engage with the post in some way. The main problem with this is that the post might not necessarily be shown to people that are likely to purchase from you or hire you or sign up for your newsletter or whatever action you're actually trying to get them to take with that ad.

There are a lot of advertisers out there that will tell you that for this reason, you should never boost posts and you should always hire an ads manager. And if you have the budget, that's definitely what I would always recommend is hiring someone. However, there are a lot of small business owners that just want to dip their toes into Facebook advertising. And I don't think there's anything wrong with putting a little bit of spend into boosted posts to see if that extra visibility helps you. However, just remember that the two are different and if you've tried boosted posts and they don't work for you, please don't rule out Facebook advertising as an effective advertising source for you. There's a huge difference between boosted posts and hiring someone to help you come up with a strategy, setting up your campaign properly in ads manager, targeting the right people, helping you craft your message correctly, and then testing and optimizing to get those ads working for you.

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Leah has worked in digital marketing for 9 years. She consults for clients on digital advertising and teaches marketing workshops across Canada.
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