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How To Deal With Haters (Negative Commenters) On Your Ads

When you're spending money on reaching a large audience, you're bound to attract some trolls. Here are my tips for the best way to deal with the negative comments.


Anytime that you're spending money to get your message in front of a lot of people, like with advertising, you're bound to have trolls and people that comment negatively. So here's my recommendation for how to deal with negative comments on your Facebook and Instagram ads. If the person is commenting with an objection about your product or service, I recommend that you use this as an opportunity to showcase your customer service. So comment, let them know, educate them on maybe there is a solution for their objection, they just didn't see it. Or maybe you're working on that and let them know when that's coming and that way if other people that are seeing your ads, they might be thinking that same objection, but if they see your comment, that'll help them overcome that and it might even help other people take you up on the offer in your ad.

Facebook really likes having comments on ads because it tells Facebook that the ad is engaging and it's interesting to people and so that can really positively affect your ad if you've got a lot of comments on it. So you want to try not to delete them, but if the ad is just, someone's just totally trolling, it's nothing constructive, then feel free to go ahead and delete the comment. You don't have to keep all of your comments on your ad. And I've even had some clients that have people that they comment negatively on every ad that they see. And if someone's really just trolling like that, you can go ahead and just ban them from your page so you don't have to deal with that in the future.

But I do recommend always replying to your comments on your ads because that does improve the engagement, improves the effectiveness of the ads, and it also shows people that your company has good customer service and you're professional, and it will likely increase the trust with the audience that are seeing your ad.

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About Leah Mazur

Leah has worked in digital marketing for 9 years. She consults for clients on digital advertising and teaches marketing workshops across Canada.
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