Video, Facebook Ads

How To Avoid Banner Blindness in Your Advertising

We’ve learned to automatically tune out anything that looks like an advertisement. This is often referred to as “banner blindness”. Watch to hear some tips on how to make sure that your ad captures attention. Transcript:When you're creating ads for social media, like Facebook and Instagram, you want

Video, Facebook Ads

Advertising to Warm and Cold Audiences

Different audiences need different strategies for your ads. Watch to hear tips for speaking to both warm and cold audiences in your campaigns. Transcript:In advertising, we often refer to cold and warm audiences. And what this is talking about is where the audience is in your purchase process. So


How Ad Campaign Objectives Help You Optimize

Setting an objective is one of the first things you need to do when creating an ad campaign on Facebook/Instagram. The objective you choose is more important than you might think! Watch to find out why. Transcript:When you first create a campaign on Facebook and Instagram, one of

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