"Fix my campaigns" Ad Audit

Your ads are underperforming and you don't know why?

Are you trying to DIY your ads but want a professional's eyes on them to make sure they are optimized?

Do you have an internal marketing person running your campaigns but they don't have ad expertise so you want them reviewed before they go live?

This ad audit call will help you find and fix issues in your ad account and make sure your ads performance isn't being hindered by a poor setup or creative.

Here's how it works:

  1. I review your ad account in advance and spot issues
  2. We have a 50 minute call to discuss the issues and I share with you how to fix them. (Time permitting, we may be able to make some of the changes on the call).
  3. I send a written recap of the call with a list of the issues and next steps for you. You may also record the call to have it for your records.

You can book as many times as you want - I've had many people book this several times and each time we make improvements to their ad performance.

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