About Me

Hi! I'm Leah.

As an advertising expert I’ve spent the past decade gathering insights about making dangerously effective ads.

I've worked for several advertising agencies, including Canada's largest Facebook advertiser, before going full time with my consultancy in 2017.

What have I learned analyzing millions of dollars' worth of ad spend?


And I want to put that knowledge to use for your company.

When it comes to ads, here are a few things I believe:

  1. The right message is key! Positioning your product and its benefits in the right way makes all the difference. Make it simple and clear, and your audience is much more likely to engage.
  2. Taking a creative-first approach. Yes, I know the advanced targeting techniques and other "hacks" for gaming the algorithm. But at the end of the day, quality creative will have a bigger impact on your campaigns than those settings tweaks.
  3. Consistent optimization is required. It's not about finding what works and then doing that forever. It's about ongoing experimentation to make sure we're getting the best results now, but also setting you up for success in the future. by staying on top of trends and preventing ads from getting stale.

Visit my Hire Me page to learn more about how we can work together.

You can follow me on Instagram here.

A few personal facts:

🇨🇦 I'm Canadian and love to get outdoors for hikes and exploring. I was born and raised in Saskatchewan, spent 4 years in British Columbia, and now currently live in Montreal, Quebec.

🌎 The climate crisis and social justice are two important issues that I put time and resources into supporting.

📚 My favourite business leaders and authors to follow are Rand Fishkin, Alexis Ohanian, Denise Duffield-Thomas, and Avinash Kaushik.

🎨 I love arts and culture and spend a lot of time in ballet and painting classes, or at museums or art galleries.

🍵 I hate coffee but am an avid tea drinker!

My story:

My career in digital marketing began in 2011 when I co-founded my first business with a good friend in university. It was an event planning and promotions business and we hosted local concerts and ran a local music blog.

At the same time, I worked in marketing for a non-profit and then a marketing agency, helping with everything from social media to email marketing to advertising.

I also began working with freelance clients on the side, building custom Wordpress templates and helping them with digital marketing.

In 2016, I moved to BC and got hired at Canada's largest Facebook advertising company. Here I started in CRO, launching hundreds of landing page split-tests. I then moved into a data analyst role at the company, helping find trends in our millions of dollars worth of data.

In 2017, I took my side hustle full time and specialized just in Facebook/Instagram advertising, putting to use everything I learned from my own clients and previous employment.  

I've since spent the past 4 years learning and perfecting the process of advertising on Facebook and Instagram with clients in almost every industry.

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